What Are Lottie Animations?

Lottie is a library by Airbnb that allows us to have animations on websites and mobile apps. These animations come in the form of JSON files, exported from After Effects with the Bodymovin plugin.

What's so special about Lottie?


Lottie animations are rendered as SVGs meaning they are scalable without losing quality.

Small size

The JSON animation files are tiny compared to gifs and png sequences, only weighing a few kilobytes most of the time. The one to your left only weighs 50kb!

Interactions with Lottie-Interactive

We've made an open source package that can make the animations interactive!

Stops people from coding animations

Lottie animations stop us from having to build the animations by hand with different tools across platforms.

Where can I use Lottie Animations?

Lottie animations can be used on web, mobile and desktop but also as animated stickers and even on watchOS!
Here are some links for all major platforms: Web, Windows, iOS, Android

Why is it called Lottie?

Lottie is named after a German film director and the foremost pioneer of silhouette animation.